Our mission is to:
  • provide Christ-centered nurture for children and families in need,
  • share the love of Christ to incarcerated youth and adults, and
  • provide programs and experiences for our staff members that foster spiritual and personal growth.

Making the Difference

What if you were known for the worst thing you’ve ever done? What if that decision would have defined your life, affecting not only you but your children and close friends? Would you not desire a second chance, a new start?

New Horizons Ministries has been called to reach into a part of our society that few people think about. Our team is made up of people just like you who have come together to “make the difference” for those who are incarcerated and to “stand in the gap” for their children. Most of these children are separated from their mother at birth, and during the most foundational part of their life, we provide quality care, allowing them to begin their life in a safe, secure, and godly environment. This opens many opportunities to influence the lives of the parents, giving them a second chance.

The cure to the hurting of this world is not serving a penalty but allowing the power of Jesus to change the life of a sinner deserving judgment into a saint anticipating Heaven.

Arlynn Miller,
Executive Director

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